Letter: Leo Scott Peterson, Purcellville

Editor: After a wonderful Thanksgiving meal my wife and I were enjoying a cup of coffee in front of our fireplace. We were surprised by a knock at the door to find three young men who asked if we had a fire going because there were sparks and flames coming out of our chimney.

These gentlemen had spent Thanksgiving with relatives in Round Hill and were on their way home to Lovettsville when they went by our home and saw what appeared to be a chimney fire in our house. We closed the glass doors on the fireplace and within a couple of minutes the sparks and flames stopped; crisis diverted.

In all of the chaos and excitement of the moment, I did not get their names and properly thank them for their good deed. Being a car guy myself, I did notice that they were driving a two-tone black and white Ford Bronco (I believe mid ’80’s and very nice condition). With all of the divisiveness in our country today, it restores hope for the future to know there are still good Samaritans like these men who will go out of their way to help people they had never met.

My purpose for this letter is that one of these men, or someone who recognizes them from my brief description, will pass along my request to stop by our house on Rt. 690 north of Purcellville, so that we can meet and properly thank them.

Leo Scott Peterson, Purcellville


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