Letter: Jake Wolfson, Leesburg

Editor: A few days ago I participated in a Sources of Strength training program where a select number of kids who show leadership and teamwork qualities talk to each other about teenage depression issues and how the symptoms are shown.

We participated in seminars about the eight components of the Sources of Strength wheel, also with challenging, fun games. I learned a lot more about my fellow peers and friends lives outside of school and how everyone has their sad times in their lives.

I think it is really important to help kids who are undergoing long-term depression and allow them to ask for help when they need it. I have been getting more involved this year in our Sources Of Strength club. I’ve been learning to be a nicer and more compassionate person and that everyone has had some kind of downfall in their lives, even I do. I’ve been more confident to talk to my guidance counselor and a therapist about the things that go on in my high school life

Just talking to someone about one’s struggles in their life, inside or outside of school, can really make a difference in one’s success in the future; we hope to let everyone know that everything is OK and to enjoy life while you can because life’s short. I believe the Sources of Strength program has a lot of potential, especially with a lot of talented and dedicated teenagers who show great leadership and teamwork qualities and who are aware and react to signs of teenage depression. I think this program should be implemented in all LCPS high schools.

Jake Wolfson,Leesburg

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