Maddox Will Not Pursue Recount

Councilwoman Vanessa Maddox exclusively confirmed to Loudoun Now today that she will not be pursuing a recount of last Tuesday’s election results.

Maddox technically has until Nov. 19, 10 days following the election results being certified, to petition the Circuit Court for a recount. She initially said she would make a decision this Friday, but said today she has decided against a recount. She did not elaborate on the reasons why.

“I wish my colleagues the best and I will remain very active in the Leesburg and Loudoun community,” she stated.

Today’s announcement confirms that Vice Mayor Suzanne Fox wins her second four-year council term. Fox finished in third place, 81 votes ahead of Maddox, for one of three council seats. Because the differential between the two stood at just 0.496 percent, Maddox was able to petition for a recount. County Registrar Judy Brown had estimated the cost of the recount to be around $3,000, and the cost would have been borne by the Town of Leesburg.

Reached today, Fox said she has enjoyed working with Maddox on the council and wished her well in her future endeavors. She thanked her colleague for not putting the town through “what could have been a divisive and expensive recount.”

Now able to officially wave the victory flag, she credited her nonpartisan message and supporters for putting her over the finish line.

“This has been a hard fought race in a difficult political climate,” she said. “Thankfully now we can all get back to work and running the Town of Leesburg.”

Fox joins victors Marty Martinez and Neil Steinberg, the first and second place winners last week, respectively. Mayor Kelly Burk was also successful in securing re-election. The new council takes office Jan. 1.

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2 thoughts on “Maddox Will Not Pursue Recount

  • 2018-11-16 at 10:48 am

    Congrats to Ms. Fox, but it’s a true shame that someone with a record and who is engaged on the dais has to work so hard and could have faced a recount, against another incumbent (Maddox) who is so unengaged on the dais, and who did not even bother to outline issues on her campaign web site, nor fill out this paper’s Voter Guide survey. But this is the sign of Loudoun and Northern Virginia going “blue” as non-white immigrant groups and folks moving from the Northeastern “blue” states vote Democrat based on NATIONAL perceptions of the two parties, and their perception of the Republicans is not good. The state and local Republican units have a serious need to reassess what neeeds to be done to reach out better or else we will lose competitive elections and become as high tax and anti business as California, Maryland and other “blue” states.

  • 2018-11-19 at 11:04 am

    I may be overreading Ken Reid’s comments to this article, but it appears on its face to be tinged with a tone of racism. Ken Reid attacks voters that he describes as non-white immigrant groups. To be qualified to vote, one must be a citizen. Last time I looked, qualification to vote did not include the skin color of the voter. Yet, to Ken Reid, this is something to be commented upon. Why?

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