Letter: Allison Metzger, Loudoun Habitat for Humanity

Editor: Let’s do better. That’s what we are asking the Planning Commission to do when finalizing the county’s Comprehensive Plan. After reviewing the latest draft of the plan dated 10.23.18, we want to thank the Planning Commission for including this very important language in their document:

“An adequate supply of housing – varied in type and price, both rental and for-sale, and located near necessary services and amenities – is a fundamental component of a complete, inclusive, healthy, and enduring community.”

This reference is vital because it acknowledges what we experience on a regular basis, there is a growing need for affordable housing in our county.

Habitat for Humanity knows that safe, decent and affordable shelter plays a critical role in helping families to create a new life cycle; one filled with possibilities and progress.

Affordable homeownership opens the door for families, and fosters the confidence they need to invest in themselves, their families and their communities. Surveys of our Habitat homeowners show improved grades, better financial health, and parents who are confident that they can meet their family’s varied needs.

Now let’s do better.

While there is no one answer to solving housing affordability here in Loudoun County, we need to consider developing a ladder of housing possibilities to provide a diverse solution to the housing needs of our growing community.  By including a homeownership subsidy program in this policy, Loudoun County could be extending the ladder of housing options to all.

We encourage you to work with the community to find public/private partnerships to help leverage funding sources which can support the County’s plan to provide a housing continuum and program for action.

It’s time to be a better Loudoun County for all who live and work here.

Allison Metzger, President

Loudoun Habitat for Humanity

One thought on “Letter: Allison Metzger, Loudoun Habitat for Humanity

  • 2018-11-05 at 5:19 pm

    All Loudoun’s ills come from having too many houses. Regardless of their price, more houses = more problems.

    The answer to Loudoun’s problems of traffic, lack of adequate infrastructure, and rotating kids on a school-of-the-month club carousel of redistricting is to stop building houses and build more infrastructure.

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