Letter: Charles Houston, Peaonian Springs

Editor: The cramped housing project slated for the Rogers Farm makes mockery of what makes Leesburg and Loudoun great. I understand the homebuilder’s motive—take out as much cash as possible and move on. While the family says it wants to sell the farm, there is a better way to meet their goals.

What a perfect case for a conservation easement. An easement would allow the family to get cash, tax credits and preserve the farm. This may be a bit less than the developer’s cash, or it could be a bit more. The easement would not allow subdividing, but the property would still have good value, and the family could keep it or sell it at the new value after the easement.

Conservation Easements are not hard to do, though they can be daunting if a property owner tries to do it alone. Thankfully there is expert help: Contact Land Trust of Virginia (https://landtrustva.org/) and talk to Ashton Cole; to the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (http://nvct.org/) or the Piedmont Environmental Council (https://www.pecva.org) and speak to Mike Kane.

Charles Houston, Peaonian Springs


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  • 2018-10-29 at 10:12 am

    What good will a Conservation Easement in the middle of Leesburg do? How will it increase revenue for Leesburg? This is prime property for development. In addition, why should you determine how much cash the owners should take for their property? They should be entitled to be reimbursed for its maximum value.

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