Outraged Parents Keep Kids Home After Learning of Month-Long Threat to Lucketts Elementary Staff Member

Several parents have said they kept their Lucketts Elementary students home from school today after they were informed of a threat to one of the school’s staff members.

Lucketts Elementary Principal Carolyn Clement emailed parents last week to explain why a Loudoun sheriff deputy had been stationed outside of the building since the school year started Aug. 23. Deputies have been temporarily assigned to the school as a precaution “as the result of a domestic issue involving a staff member,” Clement wrote.

She said that Lucketts Elementary is safe, and the concern does not involve other staff members or students. “Because this is an active law enforcement investigation, there aren’t any further details I can share,” Clement wrote.

Kraig Troxell, public information officer for the Sheriff’s Office, said the Sheriff’s Office was notified on Aug. 20 that a man had made a threat over the phone to a Lucketts Elementary staff member on Aug. 17. The staff member and the man who made the threat know each other. The man was arrested and charged with making a threat. As a precaution, the school system requested that the Sheriff’s Office provide security at the school. “There have been no incidents at the school regarding this matter,” Troxell said.

The School Board and Superintendent Eric Williams received more than a dozen emails from Lucketts Elementary parents upset they hadn’t been informed about the threat until several weeks after it was made. Several parents are calling for the principal to be placed on leave and investigated for safety and security oversights.

Brian Groleau said he is keeping his two children out of school “indefinitely” until the principal is removed and the employee who is the victim of the threat reassigned. Another parent, Karli Pinto, has asked Williams and the School Board to place the staff member who has been threatened on paid, administrative leave until the threat has ended.

Principal Clement sent a second message late this afternoon to parents to say that the staff member “involved in the matter is away from Lucketts Elementary.” She said that a deputy will be stationed outside of the school for the immediate future.

Every public middle and high school in Loudoun County has assigned school resource officers, but elementary schools do not.

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5 thoughts on “Outraged Parents Keep Kids Home After Learning of Month-Long Threat to Lucketts Elementary Staff Member

  • 2018-10-01 at 2:21 pm

    Apparently Mr. Groleau believes that the staffer should be punished for being a victim in this case. While I believe administrative paid leave may be appropriate, to re-assign her? Dude, come on….really?

  • 2018-10-01 at 4:40 pm

    Agree. Why arent these parents rallying around this victim!! The principal/LCPS posted a deputy for safety. Hopefully there are others in the building with CC. No one can share information about the victim because she (and yes, I’m betting it’s a woman) has a right to privacy. I’m sure this is an awful experience! So SUPPORT this victim like a community is supposed to do! Dont punish the victim by reassigning them!! I hope the school community steps up for this victim!!

  • 2018-10-01 at 10:50 pm

    So what’s the real issue here? Parents upset that they weren’t informed of a supposed threat to their children? Or was it the fact that they weren’t told about something that was none of their business to begin with, and therefore can’t gossip about it?

    For Brian Gorleau and Karli Pinto to suggest actions that do nothing but further the victimization of the staff member, is one of the most moronic things I’ve ever heard.

    News flash for you parents out there…the world isn’t as dangerous as you would want is to believe, nor does it owe you the entitlement you think you deserve.

  • 2018-10-02 at 6:19 am

    Wow, talk about over reacting. Mr. Groleau wants to ruin a person’s life and make another move to another location over the school taking an over abundance of caution. Seems a bit extreme to me. Maybe he should home school his children, put them on lock down in a maximum security facility and not let them see the light of day until they are 21. Surely that will make them productive members of society. SMH.

  • 2018-10-02 at 8:52 am

    There is a fairly new term for parents like Brian Groleau and Karli Pinto. Instead of “helicopter” parents that hover over their children and everything they do, they are “Bulldozer Parents” , the type that want to clear every obstacle in their child’s way so they never have to get their feelings hurt or get challenged in any form. What it does is raise a child who cannot deal with any adverse situations or have a clue how to be resilient.
    Well said Devils Advocate!!

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