Letter: Brenda Bengtson, Hamilton

Editor: Why is the current 10th District representative silent about guilty pleas, indictments, hacking, election interference in 2016, and investigation of the president’s organization?  Why is she interested in expediting the special counsel’s work? How can she support the administration at a 97.8% rate yet claim to be an “independent voice?” Why does she not speak against abuses of power, illegal campaign reimbursements, and the cabinet’s corrosiveness?  Most significantly, why did the 10th District representative vote against additional election security?
Jennifer Wexton provides a real solution to the ignored corruption of this administration by partisans.  I’m proud to support this accomplished prosecutor, effective state legislator, and good listener who is willing to meet with all constituents at town halls versus a single hand-picked debate crowd.  Ms. Wexton is an outstanding competitor who won a primary handily against five highly qualified contenders in District 10.
During 4 years in the Virginia Senate, Ms. Wexton achieved bi-partisan support for 40 bills despite the ideological differences of elected representatives.  Jennifer Wexton was a champion in the fight which at long last expanded Medicaid to 400,000 Virginians.  Results!
Whether working for protections for victims of domestic violence, for successful prosecution in a high profile murder trial, for transportation options, for safer schools and communities, for campaign finance reform, for equality for all, for environmental protections, and for prevention of gun violence, Jennifer Wexton exemplifies real leadership for Virginia’s District 10.
Is it a surprise that the Cook Political Report changed District 10’s ratings twice upon Jennifer Wexton’s entry into the Congressional race and after her primary win?  Is it any wonder that her opponent’s supporters launched a churlish and vitriolic attack of Ms. Wexton on her public Facebook page?  Why does NRCC place desperate, pricey ads blaming Jennifer for tax hikes enacted by Virginia Republicans long before she was elected?  While the current representative built a career on the politics of personal destruction and adopts blind allegiance to an administration under investigation, District 10 voters see through those tactics.  
For independent voters and thinkers, I encourage you to research Jennifer Wexton’s platform to see what she stands for – defending the vulnerable, promoting public education, proposing common sense legislation for gun violence prevention, respecting equal rights, and being responsive to constituents in a public forum.   
Jennifer Wexton will work hard for District 10 citizens where the average wage gap is real and women earn 78 cents on the dollar, where federal workers do not deserve a reduced cost of living, where her opponent supported the threat of a $1 annual federal salary.
Ms. Wexton has demonstrated the courage to stand up to bullies, to follow the rule of law.  She will not be silent about election influence nor campaign finance violations.  Since Congress refuses to take action and enables this administration, we need a District 10 representative who will fight against the corruption. That person is Jennifer Wexton and I’m glad to write on her behalf.
Brenda Bengtson, Hamilton

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  • 2018-09-29 at 6:03 am

    Wexton is a spendaholic using tax payer dollars giving benefits for votes on the backs of the working class. Her record as a prosecutor is not the best when you look closely and see all the plea bargains to dangerous criminals. Who is this bully that she stood up to is this the same group she reached across the isle to work with? 1$ is the salary used to get rid of bad employees that cannot be fired because they are civil service. Health care is not a right you earn it just like a car or a house having me and others pay for 400k people who have not earned it is socialism on steroids. The only way Wexton pays for any of her do gooder policies is by raising taxes on those who are to busy to engage because they are working and raising families. Look at Comstocks record of accomplishments and the choice is abundantly clear, Comstock in the 10th for Virginia and the USA!

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