Letter: Andrew Good, Leesburg

Editor:  I enjoyed your article “Board Balks at Push for More Homes, Schools.”

Great reporting. Thank you for keeping us all informed of local happenings like this. The Debbie Rose quote stood out to me: “I hear that a lot … like it’s our fault that we need to build new schools.”

Of course, it is not her “fault.” And unless the supervisors or other county officials want to put in place unusually anti-growth policies (like, Boulder, CO does, for example), significant population growth is a given.

Why? Well, primarily because of congressional immigration policy. Pew Research estimates 88 percent of population growth from 2015-2065 will be a result of current immigration policy (totaling some 103m additional people added to the U.S.). Obviously, some towns may be left behind because not all places will grow at the same rate or by the same amount, but all other things being equal, attractive places to live will be forced to deal with substantial increases in population.

It would behoove all of our local officials to plan big, because they are far more likely to be under-prepared than over-prepared. Most aren’t aware of this “macro” trend (Turgeon’s statement notwithstanding), and are getting surprised by the results.

Andrew Good, Leesburg


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