Letter: Lee D. Stone, Purcellville

Editor: I want to thank you for publishing that thought-provoking article “Memorials Would Spur Reflections on Local Lynchings.”

My wife and I traveled to Montgomery, AL, in June, with the primary goal of visiting the memorial Mr. Thompson also saw. We were impressed (one might say overwhelmed) with the thought and care that went into the memorial, and the opportunity for reflection on this sadly bloodstained part of our common history. We fully agree that Loudoun County should offer to our residents a similar opportunity for reflection.

We noted that the designers of the memorial created two identical elements for each U.S. county in which lynchings occurred, one hanging in the memorial structure, the other intended to be offered to the county it identifies.

Why could Loudoun County not take advantage of this element, bring it “home,” as it were? It could be the centerpiece of that “contemplative space” suggested in your article.

Lee D. Stone, Purcellville


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