Letter: Cathy McNickle, Sterling

Editor: As the wife of a career law enforcement officer in Northern Virginia I was not surprised to hear that the Virginia Police Benevolent Association once again endorsed our Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

Joseph Woloszyn, Virginia Police Benevolent Association Division President, said: “Congresswoman Barbara Comstock works hand in hand on a nearly daily basis with the local law enforcement community battling the heroin epidemic and taking on the scourge of human trafficking. It is vitally important for the law enforcement community to return a great advocate for them and the public to Congress, and we look forward to continuing to work with Congresswoman Barbara Comstock as she heads towards another victory in November.”

Barbara is always fighting to keep our families and communities safe and she has worked closely with the law enforcement community.  Her bipartisan Project Safe Neighborhoods legislation – that her opponent opposed – has been signed into law and gives the necessary tools to our law enforcement to reduce gun crime, drug crime, as well as the gang related crime of MS-13.  Here in Loudoun she has worked closely with Sheriff Mike Chapman in fighting the heroin and opioid epidemic and we have seen a reduction in deaths in Loudoun from overdoses.  Sheriff Chapman has also personally endorsed Barbara who has worked on numerous pieces of legislation to help combat the disease of addiction while hosting a number of public forums addressing this issue.  Barbara and her staff always participate in the “National Night Out” events that are held in August every year and bring together the community and law enforcement so she can keep in touch with her constituents.

In stark contrast, Jennifer Wexton is absent from these events and disrespectfully ran an ad in June that featured campaign staffers dressed up as police officers in Party City uniforms.  Many in the law enforcement community were put off by this attempt at fake support for her agenda by using staff dressed up as law enforcement signing her support poster. Then in early August, she couldn’t be bothered with attending a single “National Night Out” event that emphasizes the importance of community policing.   Perhaps these are some of the reasons why Loudoun County voters rejected Jennifer Wexton when she ran for Commonwealth’s Attorney in 2011.

In addition to supporting our law enforcement, I also appreciate that Barbara once again cut our taxes – something Jennifer Wexton is opposed to and has already promised to raise our taxes. Barbara, the only woman in our Virginia delegation, also has been fighting against sexual harassment in the workplace and passed landmark legislation that will protect and advance women in the workplace. For this voter, safer communities and safer workplaces and more money in our pockets is an agenda I can sign on to.

Cathy McNickle, Sterling

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  • 2018-09-05 at 9:43 pm

    Mrs. McNickle cold not be more right in her support for Barbara Comstock. It is clear that her opposing candidate has no respect for law and order and is only interested in in higher taxes, illegal immigration and gun confiscation.

    Re-Elect Barbara Comstock!

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