Governor’s Grant to Fund Tech Talent Pipeline

Gov. Ralph Northam recently announced $1 million in grants to help fill high-demand cybersecurity and IT jobs in Northern Virginia.

The grant, part of GO (Growth and Opportunity) Virginia funds, will expand the previously awarded Tech Talent Pipeline Initiative, which is designed to attract, prepare and retain qualified candidates to fill cybersecurity and IT jobs. The project will develop and implement a new apprenticeship program, matching 400 apprentices to employers as an alternative career pathway to traditional two- or four-year degrees. GO Virginia funds will be used to expand staffing at Northern Virginia Community College, conduct Tech Talent Pipeline outreach, and develop and implement the apprenticeship curriculum and models.

“GO Virginia invests in key projects that are focused on creating a strong regional workforce and enhancing infrastructure to attract new businesses and improve the quality of life for all residents,” Northam stated. “We have developed a unified strategy for regional economic development in all areas of the Commonwealth—these GO Virginia grants will support important local projects and solidify Virginia’s place as the best state to do business.”

The grant for Northern Virginia was one of several the governor announced in GO Virginia grants last week, totaling $4.2 million. The grants will fund projects that align with each region’s “growth and diversification plans,” according to the governor’s office. These plans provide an honest assessment of the economic, workforce and structural barriers in the region, as well as the existing regional economic drivers and potential growth sectors in each region. Northam stated that these projects that address these challenges and opportunities are the first step toward the creation of higher-paying jobs in the regions.


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