LCRC Endorses Dunn, Nacy for Leesburg Races

The Loudoun County Republican Committee this week made its endorsements for November’s Leesburg Town Council elections.

Councilman Tom Dunn has been endorsed for the mayor’s post. It will be Dunn’s third time running for the seat, but his first time challenging current mayor Kelly Burk. Dunn lost his two previous bids to former mayor Kristen Umstattd. He has been a member of the Town Council since 2008, most recently being re-elected in 2016.

Kari Nacy is the lone council candidate to receive the LCRC’s endorsement, LCRC Chairman Jim Bonfils confirmed. It is Nacy’s first Town Council run.

Notably absent from the Republican Party’s endorsements was Vice Mayor Suzanne Fox, who sought and received the LCRC’s endorsement in her first council run in 2014. Fox confirmed this week she chose not to seek a party endorsement for this campaign. She pointed to the “division” she’s witnessed in her four years on the council as her reason.

“At the town level we’re asked by the General Assembly to lead by the principles we stand for, instead of the [political] parties we’re associated with. My slogan has always been ‘principles not partisanship’,” Fox said. “I’m thankful for and welcome the support I have gotten from the LCRC and Inspire Loudoun. I thought it was important that I do everything I can to reduce partisanship at the town level. It’s what’s best for a unified Leesburg.”

Councilman Ron Campbell, also challenging Burk for the mayor’s seat, has also vowed not to seek party endorsement for this race. He received the backing of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee four years ago.

Rounding out the ballot, Burk, council incumbents Marty Martinez and Vanessa Maddox, and council challenger Neil Steinberg have been endorsed by the LCDC.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

2 thoughts on “LCRC Endorses Dunn, Nacy for Leesburg Races

  • 2018-08-22 at 4:14 pm

    There seems to be a hidden story here. Fox is not taking the endorsement so she can play both sides, and she probably knows this is going to be a Democratic blowout this fall, so why be on the sample ballot of the Republicans, especially with Corey “March with the Klan” Stewart on the top of the ticket! So now she can work with her buddy Ron Campbell, who she supports for Mayor, and try to leach votes from the Republicans – -and support. The LCRC would be wise to ensure they and their members ONLY help Republicans like Tom Dunn and Kari Nacy, plus Barbara Comstock, not independent candidates who are playing them like Suzanne Fox.

    • 2018-08-29 at 1:30 am

      Missed in story is Fox went through the complete process to get the endorsement. Was offered the endorsement. Then her husband spoke for her at the GOP meeting to turn down the endorsement.

      Same thing happened to Campbell. He checked with Dem party officials about his prospects of getting his party endorsement. When told no way would he be accepted based on his 17 years of living in town and not being involved with town business. So after being rejected he now takes is very thin but very liberal voting record (btw same record as his close friend Fox) and is claiming to be non partisan.

      Fox is not being honest. She is working close with the GOP so she can have the endorsement given to her just before the sample ballots are printed open in November. She should make it known now that she will not accept any endorsement. The “division” both Fox and Campbell see on Council is not partisan but intellectual. There are 3 members who have been involved with the Town and Town government for decades. Then there are 4 who have been involved for just months, and their limited knowledge level is exposed every Council meeting

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