Leesburg Council Approves Townhouse Development

More rooftops are coming to Leesburg, following a vote by the Town Council on Tuesday night.

Council members voted 5-2 to approve both a Town Plan amendment and a rezoning application for the River Creek Village development off Edwards Ferry Road adjacent to the Costco shopping center.

Kettler, the developer behind the project, plans a 64-unit townhouse community on the almost 14-acre property. The land is zoned for commercial development, but Kettler sought a change to a Planned Residential Neighborhood designation. A Town Plan amendment to allow medium-density residential development was also needed to move the development forward.

The approvals also included an allowance for more parking in the development, as first proposed by Councilman Josh Thiel. The addition of 23 spaces on the site, made possible with parallel spaces in alleyways, brings the total number of parking spaces in the development to 257, 97 more than required by the town’s Zoning Ordinance. That equates to 3.65 spaces/unit, more than the 2.61 spaces/unit at Crescent Place, which also includes commercial tenants. Accommodating the additional parking will result in a loss of about 1 percent of planned open space.

Mayor Kelly Burk and Councilman Tom Dunn opposed the approval. Both had expressed a preference for employment or commercial uses on the site, as originally envisioned in the Town Plan.


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One thought on “Leesburg Council Approves Townhouse Development

  • 2018-08-15 at 9:22 pm

    Watching the Town Council destroy the town’s green space. Was Vanessa Maddox awake for the vote or did Josh Thiel whisper in her ear how to vote? Where Ron Campbell votes you don’t have to guess that the Fox will follow.

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