Letter: D. Mendelsohn, Ashburn

Editor: Virginia has much to thank President Trump and Rep. Comstock for. Sorry for the farmers losses because of the constant rain and flooding of fields but in a few years our tourism will rise dramatically.

In the winter months the Northerners and those from Canada will not have to travel down to Florida or the Carolinas. The Virginia winters climate will be that of Florida’s for the past 200 years. Florida, if not under water,  will be too uncomfortably hot, while Virginia will be just right. In the summer the Southern states will be dangerously hot.

To speed up the process we have to appreciate the president’s act, disregarding the research of the scientific community and acting upon his gut instincts, to roll back pollution control on automobiles thereby increasing the gasses that speed up climate change. Again, sorry for the impact on our farmers.

D. Mendelsohn, Ashburn


One thought on “Letter: D. Mendelsohn, Ashburn

  • 2018-08-07 at 8:57 am

    We’re going to have “Florida winters” here? “In a few years?” Is that two years from now? This winter? Next winter?
    Bring it on! It would be great for farmers (they few still left that haven’t been run out of the county by development) via a vastly expanded growing season. They could grow a greater variety crops year around.
    Think of having homegrown organic tomatoes year ’round and doing away with the tasteless, energy intensive, greenhouse hydroponic tomatoes from Canada. A win for everyone!
    We could also do away with the hyper over application of brine and heavy salts on our roads which is devastating to our water quality, not to mention rapidly advancing the corrosion to our vehicles, increasing the rate at which we must replace them.
    Will it be “uncomfortably hot” or “dangerously hot” Mr, Mendelsohn? Which is it? I’m pretty sure Florida is still a southern state.

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