Purcellville to Refund Wine and Food Festival Ticket Purchases


Following a rain-soaked day that shortened the Purcellville’s annual Wine and Food Festival last Saturday, the town this week decided to refund attendees their ticket purchases.

According to a town statement, the decision to close the festival early was made “in the interest of public safety.” Refunds for $15-30 admission tickets and the fees for VIP tables purchased in advance will be processed through Eventbrite. Ticket purchases made with credit cards at the gate will be automatically refunded. Those who purchased tickets with cash should email Parks and Recreation Division Manager Amie Ware at aware@purcellvilleva.gov.

Despite rain “going sideways in every other direction,” Councilman Nedim Ogelman said that he was impressed by how many people were in attendance last weekend.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser commended the town’s decision to end the festival early.

“I congratulate and thank our town manager and [Ware] for coming to this conclusion and making the decision,” he said. “Next year will be a better year.”

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