Supervisors Declare Labor Day ‘Labor of Love Weekend’

By TJ Davis

Labor Day weekend in Loudoun County will officially be known as Labor of Love Weekend.

This comes after the county’s Board of Supervisors unanimously voted on that designation in honor of those who care for their loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Led by the efforts of Chairman of the Board of the International Caregivers Association Norman Duncan, the motion seeks to raise awareness of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. Duncan’s wife, Elsie, lived with Alzheimer’s. Duncan was her primary caregiver until her death in May of 2015.

“Everyone here has been touched by Alzheimer’s, and unfortunately it’s incurable,” Duncan said. “We’re still fighting to find someone to come up with the idea of how to stop it from starting.”

According to, nearly 44 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s or related dementia. In 2016, family caregivers provided an estimated 18.2 billion hours and $230 billion to people with dementia.

“If we can beat the early onset,” Duncan said, “we can beat the Alzheimer’s.”

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