Letter: Alfred P. Van Huyck, Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition

Editor: Last week Supervisor Buffington, supported by Chair Randall, and Supervisors Koran Saines, Kristen Umstaddt, and Ron Meyer, moved and passed the appointment of Maura Walsh-Copeland to the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Group (ZOAG). The Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition proposed Ms. Walsh-Copeland and is deeply appreciative of the support and favorable action she received from the Supervisors.

The Coalition is a nonprofit, non-partisan group of over 40 organizations with a combined membership of more than 4,000 residents throughout Loudoun County. We proposed Ms. Walsh-Copeland because she has the professional background and expertise to make a valuable contribution to ZOAG.

The rationale of ZOAG is to make the “zoning ordinance business friendly” as multiple supervisors have stated. And the Coalition and Ms. Walsh-Copeland can subscribe to this objective as well. We support Supervisor Buffington’s views on the importance of the “quality of life” and the balance needed between economic development, the preservation and enhancement of our environmental and heritage assets, and the social and residential interests necessary to maintain a sustainable community.

Thanks to the active efforts of Supervisor Buffington and his colleagues, we believe a substantial step forward has been made for Loudoun citizens everywhere.

Alfred P. Van Huyck, Chairman

Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition Executive Committee

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