Letter: Shaila Millman, Ashburn

Editor: Representative Barbara Comstock is an inspiring role model for young women all across our region. She deserves thanks and praise for her efforts to strengthen and empower women in their careers and lives.

Her work goes beyond legislative accomplishments, though she has those as well. Congress passed and our President signed legislation into law that was introduced by Comstock to increase the number of women involved in space exploration by promoting STEM education in young women and investing in NASA programs specifically designed to recruit women into the field.

Here at home, Comstock runs the 10th District Young Women Leadership Program, an incredible program that connects future female leaders with career options and information. Comstock’s program now hosts more than 400 young women each year.

Most importantly though, Comstock comports herself as leader. She is strong, positive, and never afraid to take on tough challenges. Her character and work ethic are enough to inspire success in any young women.

We need more leaders like Congresswoman Comstock, and she’s laying the foundation for just that.

Shaila Millman, Ashburn


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