Letter: Karen Emmons Wallace, Furnace Mountain

Editor: Regarding your reporting of the Rt. 15 controversy, I applaud your editorial on the Board of Supervisors’ establishment a new zoning standard. However, first and foremost, the parameters of this discussion need to be changed.

We, those of us most directly impacted by this supervisors’ sellout, are not residents of Rt. 15. Most especially we are not residents of “North Leesburg Landing.” We are the citizens, friends and neighbors of Furnace Mountain. We are the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of the founders of this community. We have welcomed all those who come to live and strive to preserve the rural quality of life here.

To these so-called “builders,” to the Board of Supervisors, to the endless barrage of daily commuters and truckers, and, yes, to your newspaper, we are little more than nameless impediments to the further urbanization of Loudoun County. The Potomac River is nothing more than an obstruction and every open piece of land is an opportunity for financial exploitation.

I wonder how many of the Board members actually visited Furnace Mountain to try to understand the further noise and air pollution this unnecessary “gas station” will produce, to see for themselves the damage it will mean to the Potomac Watershed. Ask us here in Furnace Mountain how it feels to be imprisoned by the traffic and pollution imposed on Furnace Mountain by those who cannot see us as a community of living human beings, but only as a conduit for the convenience of indifferent passersby and economic carpetbaggers.

Karen Emmons Wallace, Furnace Mountain


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