Letter: Julia Holcomb, Leesburg

Editor: I would like Loudoun Now to explain why they published Skip Cranshaw’s racist letter. Mr. Cranshaw is certainly entitled to his opinions about our current immigration policy:  I do not share them, but he has a right to them.

But his attacks on Mr Ihara go far beyond the kind of language which Loudoun Now should be giving a forum to. Mr Cranshaw asserts that “we are quite sick of hearing about how the Japanese nationals, the Issei and the Nisei were treated during WWII.” It’s unfortunate the Mr Cranshaw finds these stories tedious.

Decent people are indeed sickened by this discreditable chapter in American’s past:  the dark era when US citizens were interned for being of Japanese descent was not, as Mr Cranshaw asserts, “a prudent thing to do,” it was a racist thing to do. The Evacuation Claims Act of 1948 made some financial restitution for these offenses, and its language is clear: they call the internment ” a grave injustice.” In 1988, another act was passed by Congress: The Civil Liberties Act of 1988 acknowledged the injustice of the internment; apologized for the internment; made restitution for the internment; and established a fund for education to prevent a recurrence of the internment.

These acts were passed by our Congress 70 years ago and 30 years ago.  So Mr Cranshow is not only using racist language:  he is behind the times by decades. Why is Loudoun Now willing to print his offensive attack on Mr Ihara?

I look forward to your response.

Julia Holcomb, Leesburg

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