CrowdLobby NoVa Launches in Loudoun

Heidi Drauschak and Samantha Biggio started CrowdLobby to level the playing field against corporations and special interests when engaging with government leaders. On Saturday, they will launch operations in Loudoun with a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

       CrowdLobby is designed to be a facilitator that allows everyday Americans to hire lobbyists through crowdfunded contributions. Most Americans don’t consider lobbying, because of the high price tag. The purpose of the program is to bring people together so they can access lobbyists and increase the effectiveness of their political engagement.

Last year, CrowdLobby launched a beta website that catered to state-level issues. Organizers realized that to showcase CrowdLobby to the country, they needed a new iteration of the website that caters to federal politics and all 50 states.

They need to raise $35,000 for that project. Instead of turning to private investors, they turned to Kickstarter to demonstrate the concept could build a following.

A formal kick-off will be held Saturday, June 24 at the Schaufeld Farm near Leesburg. For details, go to and search “CrowdLobby’s NoVA Launch Party.”

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