MWAA to Offer Public Workshops on Dulles Airport Noise Study

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority plans two public workshops to provide details of efforts to update to the maps that describe expected noise levels around Dulles Airport, known as the noise contour map.These workshops are meant to provide an overview of the study, including airfield plans, existing airport operations and basic information regarding aircraft noise and noise modeling standards.

The noise contour maps the Loudoun and Fairfax county governments establish development policies around the airport. Generally, residential uses are prohibited within high noise zones. The noise zone maps were last updated in 1993.

The airports authority launched the effort to evaluate to changes in the aviation environment since the early 1990s. In addition, the FAA is adopting new procedures that will likely lead to increased use at Dulles Airport, including more simultaneous landings.

The airports authority is currently working to determine the maximum potential use of the airport and flight tracks; next it will calculate existing aircraft noise levels, and project noise levels at full build-out and use of the airport. Work is expected to finish by February.

The airports authority formed a Local Jurisdictional Stakeholder Group in 2018, comprised of airports authority interdisciplinary staff; appointed professional technical staff from Fairfax County, the Town of Herndon and Loudoun County; an airline partners’ representative; and key Federal Aviation Administration officials.

Individuals are welcome to submit questions and comments during these workshops, or at any time online until the conclusion of this process in early 2019.

The workshops will be held from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, June 27, at the Washington Dulles International Airport Office Building, 45045 Aviation Drive; and Thursday, June 28 at the Rock Ridge High School cafeteria, 43460 Loudoun Reserve Drive in Ashburn. The workshops will include an opportunity to talk with experts involved in the effort.

More information about the map update is at


Dulles Inventory Presentation


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