Letter: Ralph Silver, Ashburn

Editor: With an important primary fast approaching, I am writing this letter to express my very strong support for a candidate in the 10thCongressional District. Alison Friedman is that candidate; and she deserves your support. Alison is running for the House seat currently held by Barbara Comstock.

You have probably seen her TV ad called “Lockdown”. Alison’s passion for common sense gun reform is evident. She wants to expand background checks, close gun show loopholes, and ban assault weapons, like the AR-15. These are weapons of war, and should be found on the battlefield, not in your neighborhood.

As someone who worked in the State Department for years under President Barack Obama, Alison knows the importance of global leadership. She knows that rude, unkind, thoughtless, unsteady, ego-driven behavior by our President has brought dysfunction to the White House and shame to our shores.

Alison is a strong supporter of transportation initiatives. She is a proponent for infrastructure changes that are needed for the evolving transportation needs in our counties. The day that we discontinue our reliance on fossil fuels and eventually transition to all electric cars is not that far off. We need to be ready.

Alison is committed to supporting the expansion of roads and public transportation that will keep pace with our evolving needs. As the business base grows within Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties, we cannot afford to choke the roads with traffic. Alison is a strong supporter of Metro Phase 2 expansion into Loudoun County, and will look to obtain Federal dollars to give Metro a sound financial base.

Alison is a strong supporter of public education. She is committed to supporting programs that address changing workforce needs; providing students with the skills needed to compete. She gives strong support for community colleges. Alison supports teachers, and knows their hard work is the backbone of education. She rejects the Privatization of Public Education. She is a strong supporter of community colleges, and their important role. She strongly promotes STEM Education, and understands theincreasing priority as our economy demands more technical jobs and faces growing shortages.

When it comes to the environment, Alison knows that the science of global warming is no longer controversial. There is no controversy because scientists all agree. While our confused president saw fit to remove us from the Paris Climate Accord, Alison will be a strong voice for environmental rationality.

You can count on Alison being a strong voice in support of our veterans, ensuring opportunities, reintegration services, and health care:

Whether the issue is the economy, healthcare, national security, crime, immigration, campaign finance reform, or the opioid crisis, Alison will be the voice of reason and compassion.

Primary day is Tuesday, June 12. I will be voting for Alison, and I invite you to vote for this worthy candidate.

Ralph Silver, Ashburn

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  • 2018-06-05 at 11:44 am

    Mr. Silver, Can you name one military force on the planet that uses AR-15’s as a battlefield rifle? Just one country? How about in the solar system? Can you name one?

    If you don’t like AR’s because they’re scary to you and millions of your fellow citizens own them, that’s one thing. But telling fibs about AR’s being on the battlefield makes you look bad. Signing your name blindly to erroneous campaign staff created form letters is generally a poor practice.

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