Lovettsville Launches Celebration of Capitals’ Stanley Cup Campaign

Now that the Washington Capitals are advancing to the Stanley Cup finals, the Town of Lovettsville is also advancing with plans to change its name.

Mayor Bob Zoldos announced two weeks ago that if the Capitals beat the Tampa Bay Lightning and make it to the final, which they did last night with a 4-0 win, he would seek the Town Council’s approval in temporarily renaming the town Capitalsville. Zoldos will do that tonight at the Town Council special meeting.

If the council approves the rename, it will go into effect immediately and stay in place either until the Capitals are eliminated or at least a week after they win the championship against the Vegas Golden Knights. “I’m really looking forward to tonight,” Zoldos said.

The renaming would be akin to how the Washington, PA, City Council renamed its town “Steeler, PA” for a week in 2006 when the Pittsburgh Steelers played in, and won, Super Bowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks.

Zoldos said that as he watched Wednesday night’s game at Velocity Wings across the street from the Lovettsville Town Office, he wasn’t expecting the Capitals to pull off a blowout against the Lightning like they did. In fact, he was too nervous to even write the resolution for tonight’s meeting until after the team won. “The game was just incredible,” he said.

To make the renaming more official, Zoldos has been talking with Capitals staff about the possibility of hosting a viewing party for one of the seven final games and, if the Capitals win the cup, a small parade with a few players.

He’s also working with Vice Mayor Jim McIntyre to have a “Welcome to Capitalsville” sign made before the Capitals’ first game against Vegas—offering a special photo op for residents and visitors. “They’ve got to have something that proves they were [in Capitalsville],” he said.

If the renaming goes through tonight, the first Capitalsville-hosted event will be the seventh annual MayFest this Saturday.


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