Steinberg In for Leesburg’s November Election

Neil Steinberg is hoping the second time will be the charm as he pursues a seat on the Leesburg Town Council.

Steinberg was the first to file all of his paperwork for one of three council seats on the ballot in November’s election. A Loudoun County resident since 1975, and downtown business owner of Photoworks for almost 40 years, Steinberg and his wife, KD Kidder, became town residents in 2008.

He was the runner-up in February’s special election to fill the remaining council term of Ken Reid. Josh Thiel was the victor in that election. Now, Steinberg is gunning for a four-year term, with the seats of Vanessa Maddox, Suzanne Fox, and Marty Martinez expiring Dec. 31.

Steinberg’s council aspirations began almost a year ago, when he considered running in last November’s special election to fill the remaining council term of Kelly Burk, following her election to mayor in November 2016. Ultimately, he decided to hold off and gave it another go in February. Even then, he said this week, Steinberg knew that if he was not victorious then he would have his eyes set on November.

“It was a good learning experience,” he says of February’s race.

While his overall message hasn’t changed, Steinberg acknowledges that uncertainty regarding planning and development in town and transportation funding—all due to changes passed by the General Assembly—require attention. He points to the implementation of the Eastern Gateway District, soon to begin review by the Town Council, as particularly important to deal with some of these state changes.

“It’s very important that that management plan be started as soon as possible, so we’re meeting the needs and desires of our residents first and foremost. In the end we’re the ones that are paying for the end results of whatever development shape we take,” he said.

With growth a key concern for many town residents, Steinberg said it was “critical” that the council sticks to the management plans it puts together, rather than spot zoning.

“I recognize there are market forces and changes in the marketplace that are oftentimes hard to anticipate, but that doesn’t mean we scrap our entire plan because economic interests pressure us to go in the opposite direction,” Steinberg said. “As council members we simply need to fight harder for the interests of residents and the health and well-being and long-term future of the town. We will certainly continue to grow, but the way that growth looks is very important. It all boils down to what are we willing to pay for.”

Steinberg plans a campaign kick-off on Saturday, June 23, from 2-4 p.m. at the U.S. Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Academy at 9 Cardinal Park Drive. It’s a place close to his heart, as Steinberg has trained there and served as a martial arts instructor for 20 years.

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4 thoughts on “Steinberg In for Leesburg’s November Election

  • 2018-05-23 at 2:48 pm

    The one thing I will say about Neil is he knows and studies the issuies, which is severely lacking among a number in the current council, and he isn’t “owned” by any special interests. He also owns a local business and has lived here for a long time. As much as he is liberal and I’m a conservative, I wonder if he might be great for the Council. I think he can work with a variety of people and won’t just rubber stamp town staff like the majority of them

  • 2018-05-23 at 4:03 pm

    If he is smart he will stay away from running with Martinez. Martinez had been doing nothing for this town for 16 plus years and now says give him 4 more so he can get it finally fixed. Democrats don’t waste another vote so Martinez can use council meetings to watch baseball on his computer. Vote Neil or even one of the other newbies running.

  • 2018-07-23 at 12:12 pm

    My main question is why does it seem Steinberg is trying to present himself as *already* representing the Town Council? He lost the race in February and is trying again. Photos on his campaign page clearly show him wearing a “Leesburg Town Council” name badge and attending ribbon cuttings, etc. Is he purposely creating the perception that he is an incumbent running for re-election? VERY misleading to the average citizen who will see the name tag & make assumptions.

  • 2018-07-23 at 12:25 pm

    This is Steinberg’s THIRD attempt at a town council seat. He announced that he was running in 2017, but the Loudoun County Democrats believed Vanessa Maddox was the better candidate and asked Steinberg to withdraw. Then he ran again in February 2018 when he lost to the better candidate, Josh Thiel. Now he’s trying for a third time. At some point you have to realize that the people don’t want what you’re selling.

    Steinberg has lived in Leesburg for 10 years. If he’s not owned by special interests as Reid suggests, then it’s because from what I can tell, he is only interested in helping/serving himself.

    The bigger issue here is that Steinberg is presenting himself to residents as a current member of the Town Council, misleading them into believing he is an incumbent running for re-election. Photos on his campaign page depict him wearing a “Leesburg Town Council” name badge at town events and attending ribbon cutting ceremonies with actual members of the town council. One resident admitted to me that she knew for a FACT that Steinberg is on the Town Council, just not in an elected position yet. Really? Is that what he is telling residents?

    He is purposefully misleading the good people of Leesburg and it’s not okay. I encourage every Leesburg resident to consider the other 4 candidates as they cast their votes in November. Ethics and morals matter to Leesburg.

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