Lovettsville Rocks the Red, Hopes to Rename Town for the Capitals

Residents in the Town of Lovettsville haven’t just been watching the Washington Capitals this playoff season, they’ve been rooting for them like it’s their job—to the point that the town could be renamed in honor of the team.

Mayor Bob Zoldos this month announced that he would seek the Town Council’s approval to rename the town “Capitalsville” if the team makes it to the Stanley Cup finals—needing a win in Wednesday’s game 7 tiebreaker against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He said that if the Capitals make it to the finals and the name is approved, it would stay in place for the duration of the team’s time in the championship match against the Vegas Golden Knights and at least a week afterward if they win the Stanley Cup.

Zoldos’ idea to have the town temporarily renamed came from his excitement last month when the Capitals were playing the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round of the playoffs. Since then, the team defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round and moved on to play in the conference finals, something it hasn’t done in 20 years. Zoldos said he figured that if the Town Council could name a day to honor a person, which it did last week for former Vice Mayor Tiffany Carder, it could probably temporarily rename the entire town.

“It follows the quirkiness and all the fun stuff we’ve been doing,” he said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

To make the name known to all, Zoldos said the town would post it on social media pages, hang banners in the town and superimpose the “Capitalsville” name onto town signs.

“You’re going to see a media blitz,” he said. “I’m hoping a lot of crazy, rabid Caps fans … come out and jump in the fun with us.”

More than that, Zoldos has even been talking with the Capitals about his idea. He said team officials are “very excited” about it, since the team has never had a town named in its honor before. If the Capitals make it past Wednesday and the name is approved, Zoldos said the franchise would have the final say in what the town should be called—“Capitalsville,” “Lets Go Capsville” or something different.

Zoldos said he would love to host a viewing party with Capitals staff during the finals and maybe even a small parade if the team wins the Stanley Cup, which it has yet to do in its 42 completed seasons in the National Hockey League. “That would be just unbelievable,” he said.

In addition to the excitement surrounding the potential renaming, Zoldos noted that the town expects to see an increase in foot traffic. “I’m thinking there’s people from Rockville, MD, who are going to see this on TV and go, ‘there’s a Capitalsville? I’m going there to watch the game,’” he said.

Jerry Burkot, the general manager of the Lovettsville Velocity Wings, said that he’s all for the renaming.

“Velocity Wings and sports go hand in hand…so anything with sports, we’re involved,” he said. “Capitalsville is fine by me.”

Even if the Capitals don’t win the cup, or don’t even make it past Wednesday, town residents will still go home happy, since they’ve been having fun rallying for the team all season.

Resident Matt Simmons said that he and his friends have met at Velocity Wings to root for the Capitals nearly all playoff season. “It’s been almost every night the games have been on we’ve been up here hanging out and cheering them on,” he said.

The last Washington sports championship came in 2004, when DC United won the Major League Soccer Cup. Before that, it was in 1992 when the Redskins won Super Bowl XXVI.


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