2 Firms to Bid on Lovettsville’s Transportation Study


The Town of Lovettsville received responses from two firms interested in conducting a town-wide transportation study and plan that will analyze the town’s current transportation system.

Zoning Administrator Josh Bateman said study results would be incorporated into the town’s Comprehensive Plan and Capital Improvements Project and used to build several new streets and sidewalk segments and enhance intersections and crosswalks, especially around the town square.

Engineering & Planning Resources, PC, and the Berkley Group in partnership with McCormick Taylor submitted bids for the contract. The town has budgeted $25,000 for the study to be performed during the next two years.

“The purpose of this study is to fill in the gaps,” Bateman said. “This is going to look at [the town’s street network] much more in detail.”

According to the request for proposals, the selected firm will be expected to develop a map of the town’s existing transportation system and planned improvements; determine if there are any significant safety-related deficiencies; develop illustrative conceptual plans that include locations of proposed improvements, future transportation corridors and public on- and off-street parking; and develop a final written report that explains the methodology used in the analysis.

The Town Council will make a selection by evaluating each firms’ understanding of the town’s transportation network; past experience working with local and state agencies; technical planning and civil engineering expertise; previous experience within the last 10 years working on similar projects; and past experience engaging with the community in the planning and design process.

The firms will also have to show that they are not currently working for a private property owner or developer on any projects within the town. The town is now working to form a committee made up of Bateman, two planning commissioners, Town Engineer Karin Fellers and a Town Council member to conduct interviews with the firms during the week of May 21.

Bateman said he expects a contract to be executed by June.


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