Donations Pay Off Students’ Meal Debt

The Loudoun community, led by Bob Lazaro and Julia Humphries, raised $20,071 to support paying off this year’s meal debt for Loudoun County Public Schools. This is the second year that enough donations have been raised to cover unpaid school meals.

“Last school year the Loudoun community helped to cover the meal debt at 33 LCPS schools which assisted 1,087 students. We know the funds raised this year will only continue to support more students and schools in Loudoun,” stated Dawn Meyer, executive director of the Loudoun Education Foundation. “The Loudoun Education Foundation was happy to partner with our community and Loudoun County Public Schools for this important cause.”

Bob Lazaro, former Purcellville mayor, stated about this campaign, “What better way for residents and business owners to share their good fortune with those who are unable to pay for their own breakfast or lunch. And, we all know how important good nutrition is to students being able to give their best academically.”

The Loudoun Education Foundation received almost 100 donations ranging from about $5 to $1,000 in support of the campaign. A leadership gift on behalf of the Three Mustard Seeds Foundation for $10,500 helped to push the group over the original $20,000 goal.

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