Letter: Karen Jimmerson, Purcellville

Editor: I recently read that in politics, an action is less important than perception.

Purcellville’s previous legislative bodies have made what many would consider poor decisions, leading to one of the highest debts per capita of towns in Virginia. With the leadership of Mayor Fraser, the town has lowered the debt, maintained a steady tax rate, and put a halt to double-digit water and sewer increases. Sadly, those positive actions are less critical to people’s perceptions.
When Mayor Fraser was elected in 2014, he tore down the barrier of the gatekeeper system held in place for Purcellville. These entrenched gatekeepers were the political party fraternity, incumbents, and businesspeople who decided who they would run for office. For many years they were successful as they were the only ones who showed up to vote.
These gatekeepers want more growth ignoring the overflowing schools, gridlocked roads, more infrastructure to service, water resources under huge pressure, and a police department unable to cope with the extra demands unless we spend millions.
Mayor Fraser has always looked for innovative solutions to our complex problems. Our problem is not a lack of growth, but unproductive growth that has buried us in financial liabilities.
Regardless of our positive progress, the gatekeepers continue to go wild with accusations against the current council in hopes of gaining back their control. I hope voters pay attention to the candidates these gatekeepers support and make well-informed decisions for the May election and vote Mayor Fraser.

Karen Jimmerson, Purcellville

[Editor’s Note: The writer was a member of the Purcellville Town Council who resigned the position last week because she is moving out of the town.]

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  • 2018-04-23 at 1:10 pm

    Her endorsement is reason enough not to re-elect Kwasimodo

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