Nasuti Joins Diversity Training Nonprofit

Miriam Nasuti has joined has the National Coalition Building Institute as director of marketing and outreach. NCBI is an international leadership organization that provides training in diversity, equity and inclusion in community organizations, government agencies, K-12 schools, college and university campuses, corporations and law enforcement.

Nasuti is known in Loudoun for her entrepreneurial projects that include Talk Loudoun, the Farm-to-Fork Loudoun campaigns and the recent NoVa Wellness & YogaFest Retreat.

With MCBI, she will develop and have oversight of the nonprofit’s first formal marketing, outreach and business development effort starting with the transformation and relaunch of the website to modern standards and navigation, consistency in branding across all platforms, publicity, advertising and social media. She’ll also support NCBI’s three annual international conferences that provide workplace diversity, equity and inclusion.

“I’ve loved my entrepreneurial work and the unique projects I launched and maintained over the years, as well as the diverse and many clients my home-based firm Domenicon Marketing served,” Nasuti said. “Once my boys went off to college though, I found myself yearning to return to the in-house workforce to be around like-minded, energetic and innovative professionals like myself. I knew the mission and purpose of an organization would be critical to my decision and the healing work NCBI does around oppression, which I’ve now witnessed first-hand, is nothing less than powerful and I honestly feel like all of my work through the years led me here.”


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