Taking a ‘Spa Day’ in Leesburg

With the holiday stress now behind us, the dawn of the New Year brings with it a time to rejuvenate one’s self for the year ahead, and there are several businesses in the Town of Leesburg that offer just that opportunity.

Below are just a few:

Be Beauty

11A S. King St.

Nestled comfortably within the downtown area’s burgeoning restaurant and craft beer scene lies Be Beauty, a custom makeup studio that moved into part of the former Caulkins Jewelers’ space last year.

Owner Christina Gatsby has made customization the name of the game at her shop and aims to give each of her customers the fresh face they may not find perusing retail store aisles. Her custom foundation has become quite popular. She also offers a custom lip color that she mixes right in front of you, even with the ability to add a signature scent and name the color at the end. All custom mixes are placed in a customer’s file so they may return back for repeat purchases.

To kick off the New Year, Be Beauty is offering a $99 special, which includes the shop’s popular makeup lesson and a bag full of goodies.

“It’s definitely a fun kind of kickstart for people,” she said of the makeup lesson.

During the lesson, customers are asked to describe their typical beauty routine, the condition of their skin, and any concerns they may have. She then walks the customer through how to apply the makeup, with suggestions on appropriate products, color schemes, and more.

“That’s where a combination of the products you get here and the information and lesson you leave with go hand in hand,” she said. “I’m all for making sure people are leaving with the products that are right for them. There is no cookie cutter approach; everyone’s routine and habits and preference are different. I can show someone 30 different products but if they’re only going to use five why bother? I’d rather have them leave with five products that are good for them and they’re going to use.”

Be Beauty uses products with all clean ingredients—“none of the gunk,” Gatsby said—and also offers custom parties or other group events. So far, they’ve hosted everything from a birthday party for young girls to bachelorette parties where a group creates their custom lip colors, gets their makeup done, and then hits the town.

For more information on Be Beauty and all the services offered, check out bebeautyva.com or facebook.com/bebeautyleesburg.


Rouge Spa

17 S. King St.

One of Be Beauty’s neighbors has been a downtown destination for 15 years now. Yet many don’t realize all the services offered at Rouge Spa, owner Anita Henry acknowledges.

In addition to a full line of bath and beauty products, Henry’s training as a perfumist allows her to offer pure custom fragrances to her clients. Customization is also available for everything from body butter, sugar scrubs, lotions, serums, bath fizzies, shave oils, and more.

Henry brings in customers for a consultation to understand any allergies or skin irritants and keeps all the ingredients she uses for a blend on file for future re-orders. She does not use any chemical preservatives in her blends, which are also paraben free.

“We sometimes forget what sets us apart. That’s what brings clients in through the door,” she said of Rouge’s customization and choosiness with ingredients.

Just in time for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, Henry is busy readying all the popular bubble bath blends offered by the boutique. A popular fragrance for the season, Amore, is also expected to fly off the shelves as it does regularly. The fragrance has woodsy notes based on floral-based notes, she said, and has scents of sweet tobacco and sandalwood.

“It’s almost like an aphrodisiac,” she said.

She makes the fragrances in batches and keeps clients on a list so she can call when a batch is available, if it is not available when they come by the shop.

The apothecary boutique at Rouge also offers a full list of spa and skincare services, from your standard manicure and pedicure to massages to a full skincare program, with microdermabrasion and peels.

For more information on Rouge and the services and products offered there, go to rougespa.com or facebook.com/rougebouspa.


Woodhouse Day Spa

1603 Village Market Blvd. SE #116

In the Village at Leesburg development, Woodhouse Day Spa owners Don and Beth Weeks opened the doors to their full-service spa last year. Since then, they’ve garnered quite the following from a general public looking for an escape from the stresses of life.

“We’re a bit different,” Beth Weeks said.

It’s hardly a “run of the mill” day spa, she acknowledges, with the 74 services offered at Woodhouse, including some that you won’t find in many other spas. One example is the minkyti facial, where a seaweed-based clay mask is applied to the face. Another service, the Lazy Days Renewal Ritual, begins with a body scrub using organic, hand-harvested seaweed for silky, soft skin and detoxification. Following the exfoliation, a customer soaks in a tub with seaweed, sea salt and aromatherapy essences of spice and citrus. The “ritual” is completed with a 45-minute massage.

All of Woodhouse’s signature treatments included their certified, organic line from Ireland.

“You’re not going to find that product line in this area,” Weeks said.

Hydrafacials are another service offered. That exfoliates like a microdermabrasion, while also infusing skin with the missing components that are stripped out, Weeks said.

When a customer is done with their skincare services, an aesthetician recommends products for home care because “you need to take care of your skin at home, too.”

“We have everything at the spa and it’s really catered to what are your skin’s needs,” she said.

The day spa can host groups and parties, and Weeks said it’s has become an especially popular escape for families to relax together.

“You can literally spend the day with us,” Weeks said. “People are amazed when they come to the Village that something like this exists and it’s as large as it is inside.”

For more information on Woodhouse Day Spa, go to leesburg.woodhousespas.com or facebook.com/woodhouseleesburg.



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