Letter: Abigail Castello, Leesburg

Editor:  Under the Trump administration, the environment has begun to suffer at the hands of a President’s decisions. Notably, Trump has made the move to reduce the Bear’s Ears national monument in what has been called the “largest elimination of protected land in American history” by the company Patagonia.

Uranium companies urged Trump to make this move as the land in the area has been thought to possibly contain large amounts of Uranium ore. This decision and those supporting its continuation see that economic prosperity is more valuable than the land and the history it contains.

This point has merit considering the economic state of the area, as people are losing jobs there just as fast as in the rust belt of America. However, the cost of the loss of this land will be insurmountable considering the endless years of history within the beauty of the landscape at Bear’s Ears.

For example, the ruins of the House on Fire, which was named after the blazing reds and oranges of the sedimentary rocks spanning outwards from Native American homes lost to time. The House on Fire is just one of many monuments smaller than Bear’s Ears that will lose its protection and be swept away with the majority of Native American history. The area holds thousands of archaeological sites which will be threatened if this move continues to go through.

The life of this area is being threatened and it seems that some people will barely bat an eye at this injustice. Maybe, just maybe the land holds wealth that companies will exploit and maybe, just maybe some families will benefit from the continued destruction of the sacred land of Native Americans. The possibility of more nonrenewable energy at the cost of American land and beauty is simply not worth it, and we’ve seen this before with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The administration will continue to put money over the safety of the Earth and this will continue to deteriorate the well-being of we the people in a modern age. Maybe it’s just the wild dream of a bunch of outdoor lovers, but the man running this country should maybe take a real look at what makes this country great.

Abigail Castello, Leesburg

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