Lovettsville Town Square Survey Results Are In

About a month after sending out a survey on the Town Square Master Plan to 800 town residents, the results are back.

According to Zoning Administrator Josh Bateman, 213 responses were submitted, on paper and online. “The overall response rate was very good,” he said.

The five-question survey indicated residents’ preferences for the layout of Town Square and whether they would support allowing businesses to have drive-through windows in the town center.

The results showed that 54 percent of respondents were not in favor of a drive-throughs. Bateman said he expected to see this kind of opposition, since the drive-through would be in the middle of town. He also said the opposition was shared equally by out-of-town residents as with those in town.

Of the 46 percent who favored allowing a drive-through, 84 percent preferred a drive-through restaurant, as opposed to a bank or pharmacy. Bateman said many respondents indicated the BB&T Bank, which has a drive-through window at its Broad Way branch, was “satisfactory.”

About 36 percent of respondents favored option three for the layout of Town Square, which proposes to have professional offices and retail businesses facing Town Square and a small commercial building on the parcel opposite Rt. 287.

Preferences for the Town Square Park showed residents want amenities spread out to both ends of the park, instead of being clustered on one side. Specifically, outdoor seating and a performance area were the top preferred amenities.

Checking the “other” box were 46 respondents, many of whom indicated they want no amenities at all.

“I think what’s really noteworthy here … is how many people wanted just no changes to the park whatsoever,” Bateman said. “There’s a lot of folks that are basically saying, ‘why isn’t there an option for no growth, why can’t we just leave it like it is?’”

Bateman noted that the town can’t refuse or deny development based on the current zoning of the property, which owned by NV Retail.

Bateman will make a recommendation to the Planning Commission on Dec. 20 for a preferred concept alternative based on the survey results. He said if the commission makes its recommendation to town council by January, the concept could be approved by February.

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