Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

Editor: Rarely do we see a more classic example of putting the cart before the horse, than the Bianchi’s letter of this week. Their loathing for veterans of our armed forces demonstrates an astonishing disconnect with history, logic, and the real world.

There would be no suffragettes, labor movement, civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ community, farm workers movement, illegal alien rights movement, environmental and animal rights extremists, or the ole’ anti-war movement, without selfless and determined armed men and women who have long stood up to administer havoc on real world oppressors.  In fact, there would be no right to protest as enumerated in the First Amendment, without those who stand sentinel every night and day of every year of our national existence. Without the men and women of our military, there would be no America.

They are the ones who destroyed genocidal dictators, not the suffragettes. They are the ones who confronted typically blood thirsty communist regimes so that others could be free, not trust fund baby environmentalists and their violent animal rights cohorts. They are the ones who stand up and kill theocracies who oppress and murder homosexuals, not illegal alien advocates.  They are the ones who fought brothers on the very fields of Loudoun so others would no longer be just 3/5 of a human, not the perennials of the anti-war crowd.  They are the ones who captured and turned over for hanging a dictator who tortured children with power tools in unspeakable ways in front of their parents, not corrupt labor bosses.

How is it possible to despise the very entity which creates the precise environment for the things we celebrate?  It defies logic. The Bianchi’s wouldn’t last long in today’s Iran, Russia, Yemen, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Venezuela, China; not a single minute in North Korea, Thailand, or most of the Middle East. Try running your yap like this in some parts of Europe, and find out how enlightened they actually are. Yet in America, they’re free to spew contempt on the very people who defend them from the planet’s industrial-level murderous thugs.

The armed forces are the guarantor of the Bianchi’s comfortable Bluemont lifestyle, just as they are for us all. They are the ones who are murdered, mutilated, blinded, lose limbs, burned to death, crushed by pressure waves, tortured, hunted, stalked, and in some cases, just vanish completely – and all so you can write a missive that would make the most fervent Soviet commissar blush. They put their lives on the line so you can tisk-tisk about them while you’re at a winery gathering with other uptight leftist cult members. They leave their families for a year at a time, so you can complain about tourist traffic in the village, the elections, the price of Chardonnay, and lecture us about protesting.

They die so you can live. And they’ll always say you’re welcome no matter what invective you throw at them.

Chris Manthos, Leesburg

3 thoughts on “Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

  • 2017-11-24 at 12:23 pm

    Preach on brother! I thought, but you took the time to write it. Bless you.

  • 2017-11-26 at 2:04 pm

    One thing I would also like to point in the Bianchi letter is credit given to the forefathers giving us the right to protest government. While it is true the forefathers are credited with creating the founding documents, what is often overlooked or misunderstood is the actual purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These documents were not written to given citizens anything, they were written to restrict government from taking away rights endowed by our creator; rights the forefathers sought to protect, not create or to give.
    Furthermore, I can’t agree with Mr. Manthos more, without our veterans, who selflessly took an oath to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we very well may never have had any of the civil rights movements. Our country would certainly look very differently today had brave men and women decided not to take that oath. We in the United States are very different, in no other country in the world is a person born with gauranteed inalienable rights. In the United States we don’t fight to for these rights, we fight to keep and maintain them and to ensure the government isn’t overstepping their authority when it come to applying them. So while both veterans and civil rights activists should both be given our thanks and graditude, it needs to be recognized that our veterans sign up and serve for our country, to uphold the governing documents, civil right fights would be very different and much more difficult without those documents.

  • 2017-11-26 at 2:42 pm

    To clarify or state more simply, veterans serve to ensure civil rights activists causes.

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