Leesburg Drops Vehicle Decals

Leesburg is following the lead of the county government and Loudoun’s other municipalities. Starting next year, town residents will no longer have to worry about placing a Town of Leesburg decal on their car windshields.

The Town Council last week voted to eliminate the requirement for the vehicle decal. The action followed another recent vote agreeing to a Memorandum of Agreement allowing the county government to take over some town billing and collection duties, including for personal property taxes. As part of that agreement, the vehicle decals will be eliminated, although the annual fee still applies.

The Nov. 14 vote to amend the Town Code and eliminate the vehicle decal requirement passed 6-0-1, with Councilman Ken Reid absent. The change is effective Jan. 1, 2018, meaning decals may be removed from cars on that date. Clark Case, director of Finance and Administrative Services for the town, estimates cost savings of around $2,500 annually to the town by no longer having to purchase the decals and the staff time associated for processing.

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