Letter: Beenish Malik, Ashburn

Edtior: This year, the word ’Thanksgiving’ holds a special meaning for me. My six-year-old kindergartner in all his excitement came to me and asked me about it as he had been hearing about Thanksgiving and the turkey all over the week at school. He innocently asked whether we would be celebrating this day and what does it mean, and how do we celebrate it. This gave me chance to explain about the beautiful concept of being thankful.

Islam has laid great emphasis on being good to the fellow human beings no matter what cast creed or religion they belong to and being good to others also includes showing gratitude for what someone does for us. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) said “One who is not grateful to others is not grateful to God.” Gratitude is what Muslims show towards God when they pray five times a day, thanking Him for all the things that He has blessed us with. We show gratitude by helping others, giving back to the society, our country and the world. Simple things as being good to our neighbors, parents, teachers, and fellow countrymen will do the trick. We should be grateful for the freedom that this country gives us by being loyal to her and appreciating and respecting the constitution, the law makers and the servicemen who strive for it day and night.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans and, yes, this year we will be having a big feast with a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Beenish Malik, Ashburn

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