Veterans Honored for Service to Democracy and Freedom at Loudoun Ceremony

The service of Loudoun’s military veterans was honored Saturday during a ceremony at The Marshall House in Leesburg.

The event, sponsored by the George C. Marshall International Center and the Loudoun County and Leesburg governments, featured remarks by Gen. Dennis L. Via, U.S. Army, ret., and performances by the West Point Alumni Glee Club and the Briar Woods Falcons Regiment.

Via retired as a four-star general commanding the U.S. Army’s Material Command in 2016 after 36 years of service. He said those in military service today carry on the mission begun at Lexington and Concord at the state of the Revolutionary War.

“America’s veterans embody the ideas upon which America was founded more than 241 years ago. They have served their country with the belief that democracy and freedom are ideals to be upheld around the world,” he said.

“The service members we honor today came from all walks of life, but they share several fundamental qualities. They possess courage, pride, determination, selflessness, dedication to duty, and integrity—all the qualities needed to serve a cause larger than oneself. Many of them were asked to leave their home to fight on distant battlefield,” Via said. “They didn’t go to war because they loved fighting. They were called to be part of something larger than themselves. And when the call came from the nation. They answered. They are ordinary people who responded in extraordinary ways in very challenging times. They rose to the cause because they wanted to protect the nation which had given them, and us, so much.

“Millions of Americans have fought and died on battlefields here and abroad to defend our freedoms and our way of live. Today. As we’re are engaged in combat operations across the global, the next generation of Americans continue to volunteer, to step forward and say ,‘I’m ready to serve.’” They follow in the footsteps of generations of Americans who served before them.”


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