Letter: Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

Editor: I can’t believe the gall of the Envision Loudoun Stakeholders to ask the Board of Supervisors to “stay in your lane” and out of the stakeholders’ plans to bulldoze every inch of Loudoun County. When Planning & Zoning czar Ricky Barker says, “Trust us,” it’s time to laugh.

On second thought, perhaps it’s best to let these people continue their outrageous comments and overt greed. Their contempt for the board and the citizens offends me. It’s time to send these people back to the planet they came from, to paraphrase one supervisor’ recent comment.

Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

2 thoughts on “Letter: Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

  • 2017-11-08 at 7:07 am

    Stakeholders equals big business does it not? Real estate moguls, developers, Dulles airport honks… and the public by a few preservationists. Appointed by the BoS when they don’t agree and the BoS throws a fit. How many homes have already been built in the transition area and will that number be accounted for in the grand total?

  • 2017-11-15 at 12:59 pm

    When Rickie Barker spoke to a group of citizens soon after taking his position as chief planner with the county, but before a stakeholders group had been appointed, he said he already had spoken to “the stakeholders.” Asked who they were, he said “the developers. They are our customers. They have what we need.” Later, speaking before those citizens again, he was asked what he was going to do about the huge deficit in parks and recreational trails in Loudoun. His sole response was that he himself cycled many miles each week. There has been huge turnover in planning staff since Barker arrived, with great institutional knowledge lost; those veterans have been replaced by those hired (who know nothing of Loudoun) to achieve Mr. Barker’s vision–which is decidedly not the one clearly articulated by citizens participating in the Envision Loudoun public input sessions or the one clearly stated by citizens polled in the UVA survey last year–overdevelopment and traffic congestion are the major problems to be addressed in Loudoun. See the Facebook page Steer Loudoun’s Future/Citizen Stakeholders Group for more information on what’s going very, very wrong with this process.

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