Lohr Tapped to Assist Round Hill

Former Purcellville Town Manager Rob Lohr has signed on with the Town of Round Hill to act as a part-time project advisor.

The town had advertised the position to help Town Administrator Buster Nicolson manage various projects. Three responses were received.

Lohr stepped down from his Purcellville post in July after 24 years. His retirement didn’t last long. He quickly signed on with the Charlottesville-based consultancy, The Berkley Group, to lend his expertise to help local governments. The new Round Hill contract is separate from those assignments.

Lohr started work with the with the town this week. Terms of his contract are still being worked out, Nicolson said, but initially the contract will be for 15 hours a week, with Lohr helping direct various infrastructure projects.

“He will be a project specialist and support for me, to have a finger of the pulse of our various projects, and attending meetings,” Nicolson said Wednesday.

“We are very happy to have him. There’s a lot going on around here,” Nicolson said, noting the breadth of Lohr’s management experience and knowledge of the town and surrounding area.

Two projects that have been planned for more than a decade are coming to fruition—the Round Hill to Franklin Park Trail and the town’s Sleeter Lake Park. The town and county governments are securing easements for the trail and preparing for the installation of kayak storage, bike racks, toilets and signage at the park.

Another major project coming up is the construction of the Yatton loop water line and another water tower south of town, Nicolson said.

“He’s a great resource and we definitely appreciate him and his service,” Nicolson said.

For his part, Lohr said he was happy to be able to assist the Town Council, with which he has had a long relationship.

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