Letter: David Stern, Leesburg

Editor: It is critically important that you vote on Nov. 7 for State Delegate. This election matters.

Wendy Gooditis is running for State Delegate against Randy Minchew, a three-time representative. Wendy is a newcomer to politics, but not a newcomer to advocating for issues that matter. As a long-time educator, Wendy cares deeply about providing high-quality education to all students. In contrast, we have heard loud-and-clear what Randy Minchew thinks about education. He has voted many times to drain state funding from Virginia public schools. He has also voted many times to prevent Virginia from recovering billions of dollars in Federal support for health care for Virginians. With these votes, Minchew has demonstrated that he doesn’t care about educating our children and he doesn’t care if the Federal government keeps our tax dollars.

As a businessman, Randy Minchew should know better. A healthy Virginia economy requires a well-educated, healthy population. As a businessman he should be working to bring our Federal tax dollars back to Virginia. From his voting record, we know that Minchew is wedded to an ideological stance that is bad for Virginia and bad for Virginians. It is time for a change. Wendy Gooditis will fight for our kids and fight to bring our Federal tax dollars back to Virginia, where they can work for us.

David Stern, Leesburg

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