Letter: Peggy Forbes, Leesburg

Editor: Next week we vote, so make it a priority.  Once again, voters in the state of Virginia are asked to go to the polls and cast their votes for leadership at the state and local levels.

My plea is that voters in Northern Virginia consider how strides in funding transportation projects have been made by the current leadership. With exponential growth in Northern Virginia, it is critical that we have the current delegates and state senators in place who have experience and tenure in Richmond. Without that knowledge and seniority, Northern Virginia will again be set back for the roads and infrastructure necessary to support the phenomenal and crippling growth in our population.

We are at a pivotal time. Richmond, Norfolk and other parts of the state will benefit from the changes in leadership in Northern Virginia. And the dollars will again flow south to the other projects in the state. So please think regionally, and not just locally when you vote.

Peggy Forbes, Leesburg


One thought on “Letter: Peggy Forbes, Leesburg

  • 2017-10-31 at 7:09 am

    You can have a perfect rating like Jill Vogel and still be a good candidate if you live in California, Northam.

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