Letter: Mike Wilkins, Leesburg

Editor: I read with interest your story about the deadlocked Board of Supervisors and their discussion on taxes for the county. I did not see any discussion about how to fund needed transportation improvements (i.e. roads) for the future.

It is understandable that the board wants to lower taxes—we all would like that. However, I also see that the biggest complaint by the citizens is traffic. And, that usually leads to refrains of “stop growth in the county.”  The thing is: traffic is here already.

Currently, Loudoun sets aside 2 cents of the county taxes for road improvements. That yields about $110 million in revenue each year. However, there are $2 billion in identified, road improvements to ease congestion in the county.

Those persons and supervisors who are clamoring for no more growth conveniently overlook “background traffic” in the county. These are the cars that travel from Winchester, West Virginia and elsewhere east to jobs in DC or Reston or Tysons. They ignore the north-south traffic from Prince Willian to Frederick and the reverse.

Seems to me that if we continue to try to push people west, they will still have to travel to Loudoun or farther east to work; therefore, the traffic will continue to increase even if we stopped approving any new housing in Loudoun.

The point is that the board should not try to equalize the tax rate this year. Keep the extra 2 cents in to add to the amount already allocated for roads. It’s still a major shortfall in what is required, but it doubles the amount dedicated. Surely there are at least a couple of improvements that could be made with additional money to help traffic flow.

The traffic is here now. Since we have very little public transportation and little motivation to change that situation, at least provide more funding to handle the traffic we already have.

Mike Wilkins, Leesburg

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  • 2017-10-24 at 11:41 am

    Mr. Wilkins makes a common sense and simple proposal, if only we could trust our politicians to actually spend it on road improvements. Norges is correct — they’ll blow it on Metro, and raise our taxes anyway.

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