Leesburg Commission Backs Proposed Food Truck Ordinance

Leesburg is one step closer to allowing daily food truck operations within the town limits.

On Thursday night, the town Planning Commission unanimously endorsed a package of Zoning Ordinance changes that will permit food trucks to operate on streets in commercial and industrial areas and even to set up on private property downtown.

The Town Council initiated the changes in May, seeking to allow businesses in office and industrial parks more culinary offerings closer to their doors. Last month, the council voted to expand the allowances to other business districts, largely as part of an effort to allow downtown breweries to continue their practice of bringing in food trucks to serve their clients.

Zoning Administrator Christopher Murphy said he reviewed the regulations adopted by other area jurisdictions and settled on policies that most closely resemble those in Alexandria.

The proposed ordinance would allow “mobile food units” as temporary uses. The category includes food trucks, food trailers and food pushcarts. Operators would be required to obtain annual temporary use permits from the town and could set up between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. only on specific locations on specific streets listing in the ordinance. They may not operate drive-through windows serving passing motorist, may not play music and may not have display signs or balloons promoting their locations. They may not operate longer than four hours in a single location.

While all commissioners voiced support for the idea, Commission Sharon Babbin asked Murphy to consider some additional regulations that would ensure food trucks don’t set up too closely to the town’s brick-and-mortar restaurants, particularly downtown.

3 thoughts on “Leesburg Commission Backs Proposed Food Truck Ordinance

  • 2017-10-21 at 4:19 pm

    This article makes it sound like the entire Town Council supported food trucks, since the inception, which they were ultimately forced to pass the zoning ordinance change, or be sued, and ultimately have it get passed anyway, thus wasting our money. One would think that Kristen, Kelly, Gwen and many others continue to protect the interests of Michael O’Connor and Fabian Saiedi in many, many different ways, in lieu of welcoming some of our new restaurants to the downtown area. Kelly may visit a different joint with Mr. Kaine, but it’s a ruse as her allegiance is to her existing base and old school wealth, not new found business with unknown potential, which is apparent with the entire last paragraph. Unless it’s on private property, such as the new microbreweries, unlike most other jurisdictions, it won’t be near downtown, so Michael and Fabian are well protected, which is ironic isn’t it………..

  • 2017-10-25 at 9:58 am

    UMMMM? Read the paper about businesses still closing. Restaurants going under. Many commercial locations still with no renter. Business owners and property owners who have taken huge risk to operate in Leesburg and establish themselves in the community.

    Now bars open with the knowledge of their building limits and costs to convert or add a food service kitchen. They could have opened anywhere in town but chose the historic district. There is a draw from the historic district to feed off or should I say drink off.

    Now those business owners want the conditions changed so Wang’s Wagon of Wontons sheet metal gray with hand painted letter can roll in and out of town with sales at the loss of sales to Town existing businesses.

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