Leesburg’s Westpark Golf Club for Sale

A prime piece of Leesburg real estate is on the market. The asking price for the 142-acre Westpark Golf Club property has not been disclosed in the sale’s marketing material.

Located off the intersection of Clubhouse Drive and South King Street, the property was the former site of a 144-room hotel closed in the late 1980s and was later  demolished. An 18-hole public golf course, driving range, and clubhouse with pro shop continue to operate

Most of the property is zoned for low-density residential development, with one 8-acre parcel zoned for commercial use. If developed under by-right zoning, the property could accommodate up to 27 estate-size residential lots. Permitted commercial uses include up to a 247-room hotel, a corporate campus or training facility, an assisted living facility, or a retail center under 100,000 square feet. Other commercial uses may be allowed with  special exception approval from the town.

According to Chris Reynolds, the listing agent for the property, the owner, Leesburg Westpark Hotel Associates LC, is hoping to sell the land to one buyer, rather than divide it up. One potential challenge in developing land is that a stream runs right through the middle of the property. But Reynolds said that means it is likely that the future landowner would likely preserve some open spaces and trees.

Reynolds said there has been “strong interest” from both national and regional prospective buyers. The property owners are only disclosing the asking price to qualified buyers, he said.

The Westpark Golf Club continues to be open for business during the sale.


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2 thoughts on “Leesburg’s Westpark Golf Club for Sale

  • 2017-10-24 at 7:50 am

    Leesburg Parks and Recreation is also seeking to purchase the course! If you want to preserve the course please attend the meeting at the Leesburg Town Hall tonight (October 24th) at 7:00 P.M.

    Developing the course for homes will disrupt a quiet peaceful community and ruin a lot of the reasons most of us chose to live here. Let’s keep the developers out please.

  • 2017-11-27 at 1:47 pm

    I’ve lived in SW Leesburg for 28 years and we don’t need any more houses! The schools are over crowded and the traffic is awful. I would like to see the green space preserved, but NOT as a golf course. There is talk of the developer building 27 homes on half-acre lots and ‘gifting’ the remaining 115 acres to the town. IF that does happen, I feel the 115 acres should become a Park. A park and open space would benefit a larger number of Loudoun residents and would cost less for the town to maintain. Since we ALL pay taxes, we should ALL be able to benefit from this ‘gift’.

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