Letter: Fariborz S. Fatemi, McLean

Editor: As another horrific mass shooting takes place, kudos should go to our local state delegate, Kathleen Murphy, herself a victim of gun violence.

Her efforts to pass gun safety legislation and educate her fellow delegates about this egregious problem must be applauded. She has said many times, “With Second Amendment rights come civic responsibilities.”

The latest mass shooting in Las Vegas, having the notoriety as the worst shooting in U.S. history, came by a person who had an estimated 10 guns at ready to conduct his criminal act. Once again, as the crocodile tears, the teeth gnashing, and the blame game starts, everyone, including the NRA, should be seriously concerned about each other’s safety and should lead efforts to bring common sense solutions to this problem as Delegate Murphy is trying to do.  These victims and their bereaved families and victims of past shootings and their bereaved families deserve no less.
Fariborz S. Fatemi, McLean

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  • 2017-10-06 at 1:12 pm

    Delegate Kathleen Murphy supports the elimination of due process protections for Virginians.

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