Letter: Cathy McNickle, Sterling

Editor: We read about rising violence that is affecting communities all across Virginia every day. Gangs are getting more brazen, preying on women, children, and even immigrant communities.

Career politician Mark Herring is clearly not up to the job of keeping us safe from violent crime. Herring has had four years, yet crime has only gotten worse.  Instead of electing a politician, we need someone with real world experience to take on the gangs and other violent criminals. John Adams is that candidate.

John Adams served his country in the Navy and the community as a federal prosecutor where he helped get drug dealers, gang members, and violent criminals off our streets and out of our communities.  That is why John has the support of the Police Benevolent Association and 47 Virginia sheriffs, including from large cities and counties such as Henrico, Loudon, and Virginia Beach.  These law enforcement leaders are on the front lines fighting against crime and they know that John has the right combination of experience and toughness that Mark Herring lacks to keep Virginia safe.

As attorney general, John Adams will serve as Virginia’s anti-gang chief where he will coordinate the state’s efforts to combat violent gangs.  John also opposes sanctuary cities and supports laws that would outlaw sanctuary cities.  John will also make sure that our law enforcement officers get the compensation they deserve.  We need an attorney general who puts our communities first, and that is why I’m supporting John Adams on Nov. 7.

Cathy McNickle, Sterling

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  • 2017-10-04 at 10:04 am

    John Adams is the bright spot in this year’s elections.

    He was also a bright spot in the 1797 election too.

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