Investigation Continues: Did Brakes Fail in Fatal Food Truck Crash?

The investigation is continuing into the Sept. 8 food truck crash that killed an Ashburn woman and seriously injured three of her family members. No charges have yet been filed.

A key to the case will be the examination of the Dane’s Great American Hamburger food truck that slammed broadside into an Audi driven by Erin T. Kaplan, 39, at the intersection of Evergreen Mills Road and Watson Road.

According to information submitted in support of search warrants, the driver of the food truck, which is a converted 2000 Thomas bus, told investigators the brakes failed on the vehicle. Prior to the crash, the food truck narrowly missed hitting students who were getting off a school bus on Watson Road.

The food truck driver, Tony Dane, told investigators the brakes stopped working as he approached the stopped school bus. He drove around the school bus, but was then unable to stop at the T-intersection at Evergreen Mills Road. Dane said he thought of crashing the food truck on the side of the road, but worried about his son and his son’s friend, both 16, who were riding in booth seats without restraints.

In addition to permission to examine the food truck, a search warrant was executed to obtain video footage from the school bus camera system that is expected to show the food truck as it passed.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman said he plans to meet with Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office investigators later this week to review the progress of the investigation and determine whether more evidence is needed.


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