Letter: Ric Neumann, Ashburn

Editor:  I would like to respond to last week’s letter from Amy McPike regarding “silencers” and will go item by item:

  1. They only exist in Hollywood but not real life. Firearms discharge can be suppressed but not silenced and at that by only about 35 decibels.
  2. A .357 magnum puts out 165 db. Reduce by 35 db and you still have 130 db which is the same as peak stadium crowd and ten db higher than a chainsaw and 20 higher than a jack hammer.
  3. The bill  states that a background check is still required, only instead of by hand the way they were done in 1934, they  will be done using the NICS system at FBI which only takes a few minutes, the same way they do on all other firearms purchases. NFA also requires a $200 “tax stamp” on top of the purchase price every time the suppressor is transferred.
  4. All of the same restrictions to purchase found in the NFA are still present in this bill but it removes the 9-12 month backlog and the $200 “tax stamp.”

Ms. McPike’s letter doesn’t have one single statement that is true, but rather a list of false talking points and emotional scare tactics from some advocacy group. When the lies and scare tactics are stripped away and only the truth left for examination, this bill makes sense and endangers no one. Call Congresswoman Comstock and tell her that you support tihs bill.

Ric Neumann, Ashburn

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