Loudoun Continues ACT Gains

Students in the Loudoun County Public Schools’ class of 2017 exceeded their state and national counterparts on the ACT, and also tallied better scores than the county’s class of 2016.

The average composite score for Loudoun’s 2,043 graduates this year was 24.8, out of 36 points. That is 1 point higher than the Virginia average and nearly 4 points higher than the national average. Loudoun public school students scored 24.8 on the English test, 1.3 points higher than the state average and 4.5 points higher than the national average. On the math test, they students posted an average score of 24.1, 0.8 point higher than the state and 3.4 points higher than the nation. Their average reading score of 25.6 exceeded the state by 1 point and the nation by 4.2 points. Loudoun students’ science average of 24.4 exceeded the state by 0.9 and the nation by 3.4 points.

The county’s class of 2016, with 1,866 students tested, logged an average score of 24.6.

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