Letter: N.C. Donnangelo, Purcellville

Editor: If you are like me, unsolicited political mail either ends up lining the bottom of the birdcage or gets deposited directly into the recycle bin. But last week on the way out the door a slick multipage mailer from Attorney General Mark Herring caught my eye.

I don’t know Mr. Herring or his opponent Mr. Adams and frankly I do not much care about the race for attorney general. However, Herring’s mailer was so particularly disingenuous that not only should it disqualify him from state office but in my opinion it earns him first place Goebbels Award for dishonest politics.

In the four-page glossy mailer, Herring excoriates his opponent Adams for representing bankers and corporate executives. I am a scientist and not a lawyer, but the last time I looked banks and corporate executives are entitled by our Constitution to representation by counsel. Is Herring suggesting that some class of citizens are not entitled to legal representation? Is that part of his agenda if reelected?

Having had the misfortune of hiring an attorney or two over the years, I know that a lawyer’s job is to represent his/her clients. Herring seems to suggest that lawyers like Adams (but I suppose not like Herring, whose Leesburg firm only represented the true, fair and blameless) are morally tainted by who they represent or what their clients may have done. That is, of course, utter nonsense and an insult to the intelligence of every Virginia voter.

Herring also lambasts Adams for profiting by representing “wealthy special interests.” I would like to see Herring’s financial disclosure to see how his bank account stacks up with the rest of us who have real jobs. According to the Virginia Public Access Project Herring’s campaign has almost $3.5 million in the bank, the vast majority of it coming from no other than wealthy special interests. Is there any doubt that Herrings network of “wealthy special interests”—investment bankers ($190,000), venture capitalist ($55,000), trail lawyers ($125,000) and interestingly planned parenthood ($149,000) are not motivated by patriotism but will expect their dog to jump through the hoop?

Also disturbing is that after four years on the job Herring apparently doesn’t know that his job as Attorney General is to enforce state laws that protect businesses and collect debts citizens owe to state agencies, hospitals and universities.

Politicians like Herring are what is wrong with government.

I feel like taking a shower after writing this. This year I’ll vote for attorney general and more than a vote for his opponent it will be a vote against the dishonest and disingenuous politics Herring represents. He has no place being in Richmond. Please join me in sending him packing.

N.C. Donnangelo, Purcellville

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